Discovering Orjen


After a transfer by minibus to the mountain village of Vrbanj (1000 m above sea level), otherwise known as an air spa because of its specific air in which the influence of the sea and the mountains mix, and a short briefing, we set off on a walking tour through the Orjen mountain. The tour is circular, 8.4 km long, and there is approx. 250 m of cumulative ascent. Through the tour, we introduce tourists to the cultural and historical heritage, as well as the natural resources of Orjen, among other things mentioning the highest peak of Orjen, Zubacki Kabao, also the highest peak on the Adriatic coast, Subra's amphitheater as the most beautiful detail of the coastal Dinarides, the Austro-Hungarian architectural heritage, natural phenomena such as large amounts of precipitation which do not stay on the mountain itself, endemic plant and interesting animal species as well as a handful of different stories and legends related to this area. In couple of places there is also a perfect view of the Boka Bay.

After the walk, free time to enjoy in the adventure park, adapted to all ages, so that children, adults, as well as those who are inclined to real adventure trails will enjoy it equally.

After that, return to the hotel.

  • Adventure park
  • Hiking for all ages
  • Snack based on domestic products

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